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Oggetto: Get up to Free 400M OSRS Gold for Christmas Event 2019
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Do you want to enjoy our last party for winter with the biggest promotion? From Dec. 16th, everyone has a chance to get free OSRS gold on RS2hot! We will provide a total of 1000M OSRS gold for free. Read and date the details below!

When can you enjoy the free OSRS Gold?
Our winter event starts on December 16, 2019.
So you can come to our website on 16th,23th,30th in Dec 2019 and 6th Jan 2020 to get your free osrs gold. Don't miss it ~~~

What can you get from the Christmas event 2019?
In the coming New Year, we will provide more than 1000M free OSRS gold for everyone to use. You will have a chance to get at least 20M free osrs gold.
You must place a MINIMUM of 12 OSRS GP orders equal to 500$ in total to be eligible for the promotion.
1. 500$+, Free OSRS Gold 20M (5M*4)
2. 1000$+, Free OSRS Gold 40M (10M*4)
3. 2000$+, Free OSRS Gold 80M (20M*4)
4. 3000$+, Free OSRS Gold 120M (30M*4)
5. 5000$+, Free OSRS Gold 200M (50M*4)
6. 10000$+, Free OSRS Gold 400M (100M*4)

1. Each person can only get one portion of free OSRS gold in a week. You will get all free rs 07 gold in 4 weeks.
2. Please contact our live chat to inquire about your total order for one year.

Seize the chance of free OSRS gold for the new year! If you want cheap OSRS gold, RS3 gold and other products, please feel free to use professional RS2HOT. RS2hot can be your best choice to purchase gold with high security and fast delivery.

The Rs2hot Team

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