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Domenica, 28 febbraio 2021

   BEMS - Bug Eyed Monsters
Provenienza: Rovigo
Anno di formazione: Non indicato

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Genere musicale:
  • Rock
  • industrial
  • Descrizione:

     01/09/2008 10:22:55

    E' uscito il nuovo album dei BEMS dal titolo "PANSPERMIA" scaricabile gratuitamente all'indirizzo:

    Moreno Padoan is born April 23 rd 1974 in the monotonous rural town of Rovigo in Veneto.On all accounts Moreno is the typical Italian young fellow grown to the common Italian way, playing to kick, painting and making skateboard.
    To the 17 year-old age it decides to undertake his artistic run subscribing himself to the school of art of Castelmassa (RO) and forming the first musical (INTEXTUS) group where it will learn the first rudimentary moviment.
    Moreno, in the group, it sings, it plays the guitar, he writes and it composes passages of rock-wave and after some years, tired this kind decides that the time has come to experiment.
    In the meantime frequents the D.A.M.S. of Bologna and it widens his knowledge with a search deepened in musical circle.
    It discovers Einsturzende Neubauten, Skinny Puppies, Ministry, Zina Parkins, Aphex Twin, God Head and NIN remaining lightened by their sounds and by their performances.Founds in 1996 the group electro/industrial Toothed Actress together with the guitarist Roberto Beltrame (actual bass-player of the BEMS) and to the keyboard-player/drummer Vincent Madrigrano, facing the hard assignment to bring live in Italy the music industrial.
    The group works for two years loosening himself for motives for musical incomprehension between Moreno and the keybord-player.
    In the 1998 Moreno it transfers him to Venice where it attends the academy of Belle Arti,but after one disappointed year it returns to Rovigo where it puts soul and body in to study music to learn the use of synth and samplers experimenting the results of it.In the meantime he takes the diploma of Technician of the Sound and the Lights working as assistant sound engineer of room of ZUCCHERO, taking care of the setlives of GINO PAOLI.
    It accompanies, as sound engineer live in the adventure Berliner, the group industrial Stephen's Rossello BAHNTIER.
    In 2000 it finds again him with the bass-player Roberto Beltrame and with the guitarist Renato Romagnoli to give life to what is still his last project:BEMS - Bug Eyed Monsters.

  • basso, chitarra: roby
  • chitarra: ronny
  • voce, sinth,sampler, sequencer: moreno

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